Chelsea Handler’s Bora Bora Holiday Is The Stuff Of Vacation Dreams

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It looks like the lady is having the time of her life on holiday

Chelsea Handler's Bora Bora Holiday Is The Stuff Of Vacation Dreams

Funny woman Chelsea Handler has been busy. Between being one of the world’s most popular female comedians and activism, the lady has had a lot on her plate. Which is exactly why her holiday to Bora Bora is even more deserved. Currently on the spectacular French Polynesian island, Handler is giving us vacation envy, realistic beauty goals and laughs with her signature brand of humour while she travels.

What better way to be welcomed to your vacation spot than with a garland of flowers.

Chelsea didn’t need too many words to describe this sunset in Tahiti because the picture kind of speaks for itself.

Now that’s the best way to live your vacation life. Not a care in the world, not even about your hair.

If this almost unreal azure pool surrounded by greenery doesn’t want to make you jet off to Bora Bora right away, we don’t know what will.

We’re all for unfiltered beauty, especially on vacation and so is Chelsea. You go, girl.

If we saw an ocean this magnificent, we’d jump in it without a second thought too.

With sea, sand and cocktails, that’s the kind of holiday we call vacation goals.

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